Basically paint correction refers to the process of removing the imperfections on vehicle’s paint (clear coat) and restoring it.


   These imperfections include but are not limited to, swirl marks or “spider webbing” from circular washing, automated carwashes, micro scratches, water spots, bird dropping etching, holograming...

   The actual corrective process itself comprises of a small  amount of clear coat or paint being removed from the surface with the use of abrasive polishes, which are applied and worked in with appropriate polishing machines, in order to level out the surface.


  • Hand wash and dry of exterior

  • Tar & bug removal

  • Clay bar treatment (is an engineered resin compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of your car's paint)

  • Decontaminate vehicle's paint by using iron remover spray

  • Clean tires, rims and wheel wells

  • Dress tires and trim

  • Clean door jambs and trunk jambs

  • Detail logos and gas cap area

  • Clean windows and mirrors            

      After we clean your vehicle as listed above and decontaminate the paint , we start paint 

    correction stage.

       Depending on your vehicle's paint condition; we perform Single Stage Paint correction or 

    Two Stage Paint correction or Multi Stage Paint correction.




NOTE: Number of the stage needs to be performed on vehicle is one of the main factor for pricing.

PAINT CORRECTION is NOT part of our mobile service , we perform this service ONLY at our shop






PRICES :  Prices are ESTIMATE ONLY , final amount can be estimated ONLY after we inspect your

                 vehicle's paint. Prices vary by size of the vehicle and condition of the paint.

          Please e-mail or call us if you have any question !