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Interior Protection Package


Interior coatings are hydrophobic creating a protective layer that repels liquid and resists stains. In addition, they offer several formulations suitable for different interior surfaces.


Plastic surfaces are often found on your dashboard where they are particularly susceptible to damage from the sun. If you’ve ever seen a plastic dashboard that’s regularly left exposed to the sun then you know how it starts to look awful after a while. Plastic also has the habit of collecting dirt and dust in difficult to reach places. In addition, scratches on your car’s plastic surface impact its appearance.  Interior plastic coating protects from dirt buildup, water damage, and UV damage. It also provides increased scuff and scratch resistance.


Fabric can be very difficult to clean and the best strategy is to not let it get dirty in the first place. Ceramic Pro’s interior fabric coating protects your car’s fabric from liquids, causing them to bead and roll off instead of penetrating the fabric and causing hard to remove stains.


Leather doesn’t come cheap but it will last a long time, provided you take care of it. The best way to keep your leather from drying out and cracking is an interior protective coating. Leather coating protects your leather from water, stains, scuffs, and UV damage from sun exposure. 

With our INTERIOR PROTECTION PACKAGE you will be able to protect leather , Vinyl/Plastic and textile surfaces of your vehicle's interior.

Interior Ceramic Coatings does not change the feel of the surfaces to which it is applied, does not change the color of the surface .

Our INTERIOR PROTECTION PACKAGE covers all surfaces of the interior listed above , package price starts from $350 (package price changes by size of the vehicle )

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